One by one, members of the sorority Alpha Phi smeared plates of shaving cream in Phi Delt faces to conclude the fraternity’s annual Pie a Phi fundraiser Sept. 4. Phi Delt raised a chapter record $120 for ALS research at the event.

“It’s a good way to make a dollar for a good cause,” Austin Landis said. “It’s something that’s near and dear to my heart…that really hits home.”

Amid the height of Rush Week and the beginning of fall classes, members of the chapter volunteered to have a pie thrown in their face for a $1 donation.


Phi Delt handed out more bids Sunday night, increasing the size of the Fall 2015 Phikeia class to eight. Phi Delt hosted house tours, two barbecues and a no-stakes poker night this week to recruit potential new members.

“We need to emphasize recruitment in the next chapter meeting,” said Recruitment Chair Alex Hoover.

Hoover said he wants every chapter member to bring at least one potential new member to the house during recruitment.

The turnover rate for accepted bids is near the expected 50 percent, he said.

As for the currently pledged members, Hoover added, the goal is retention.

“We need to get the Phikeia active and make sure they feel comfortable…” he said.

Rush Week ends Saturday at midnight. 


A tie exchange with the sorority Delta Gamma will mark Phi Delt’s first social event of the year. The event is scheduled Sept. 19, and will be hosted at Phi Delta Theta’s chapter house.

Social Chair Peter Hanson mentioned other sororities showed interest in having a similar event with Phi Delt.

The push for a spring formal somewhere other than the traditional Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, remains stagnant, allowing other agenda items to take precedence over it. The attractive idea of having the formal in Las Vegas still has a few wrinkles, of which include the new expense of plane tickets to the formal budget.


·         Chapter approved the budget for Fall 2015 last Sunday.

·         Alum Connor Hovsepian donated $1,000 for improvements to the chapter room, which include a new door, new paint and new trim.


Friday, 11:30: Alumni Lunch at Pressbox

Sunday, 5:00: Chapter Meeting

Aug. 30- Sep. 13: “Rush Week”

Sep 19: DG Tie Exchange

Sep. 23: Brotherhood Meal