One of our Phikeia (new members) was recently in a accident that injured his spinal cord on a trip with the company he interns for.  Our chapter along with his family and friends are raising money to offset the medical bills and pay for physical therapy so he can walk again. Thank you in advance to anyone who donates or spreads the word.    

If you can help by donating, please visit the link below and click on the donate button.  

Donate Here.


Here is a detailed description of the accident and Jake's recovery needs:

Bonnie Hirning:
"While on vacation in Mexico, the unexpected happened for Jake Hirning.   In a matter of seconds his life has been changed forever.  As Jake dove into a wave, the force of the ocean rammed him into the ocean floor, breaking his neck.  Jake was washed onto the shore just as another wave would take him back out to sea.  Not being able to move his body and pull himself up out of the waves left him fearing for his life; just then two people spotted him and brought him to safety.  They continually supported his neck until help arrived an hour and a half later.  

A plane flew into Mexico and then transported him to the San Antonio, TX hospital, where 11 doctors waited for him to land to take him into surgery.  Six hours later, surgery was successful and Jake has a lot to be grateful for.  

Jake's injury is a C5 which has caused paralysis from the chest below, in his triceps and minimal use of his hands.  In rehab, they have been strengthening his biceps, shoulders and upper back.  He is being given the tools to survive outside of the hospital setting.  Although, we all have hope that Jake will continue to recover and get stronger; Jake has to learn to live with the challenges he is faced with today.  

With Jake being released in less than two week from the hospital rehab, his situation is becoming a reality.  Unfortunately, none of the family has housing with the accessibility that Jake will now need.  Jake has decided to move to Colorado because there is a world renown Spinal Injury facility along with his brother Steve and myself.  We now have to evaluate what it is going to take to accommodate Jake and the challenges he is facing.  This is not going to be an easy task from a financial and care perspective; therefore, we are reaching out to you, his friend, family and members of the community to aid in Jake's recovery.

Our walkout basement will need to be finished with a more accessible bathroom, kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave, bedroom including a reachable bed is needed as well as flooring, drywall and paint.  Our goal is to make an apartment of his own that will provide the capability of him being independent.  Luckily, his family and friends have the skills needed to complete the living area for him. 

Through this tragedy, Jake has taken on every challenge with a positive attitude and a smile.  His determination is one that will bring him further each day.  We are striving to give Jake every opportunity to succeed.  He has such a positive impact to so many lives already and as you know, he will continue to inspire people on his ride through life!"

Thank you again for everything everyone has done and is doing for Jake; his family, friends, and fraternity are extraordinarily grateful.

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