Writing Center

Located in the Liberal Arts Building room 144, the Writing Center helps you become better writers and will help with your writing assignments.  They provide reader feedback, 1 on 1 tutoring, and editing.  Teachers give students a lot of credit when their papers are free of grammatical or spelling errors.  The Writing Center is not just about writing papers: They offer help on research proposals, reports, literature reviews, speeches, scholarship applications, graduate school applications, and thesis projects. 


The UM Writing Center is your one stop shop for successful written communication.




Study Jam

 Are you in any of these hard classes?

Spanish (SPNS) 101, 102, 201, 202
Accounting (ACTG) 201, 202
Economics (ECNS) 101, 201S, 202S
Business Finance (BFIN) 322
Statistics (STAT) 216
Physics (PHSX) 205, 206, 207, 208
Chemistry (CHMY) 121, 123, 141, 143
Biology (BIOB) 160, 260
Anatomy & Physiology (BIOH) 112, 201N, 211N, 365


Located in the UC commons from 6:30pm-9:00pm on Monday and Wednesday, study tables are set up with tutors to help students with homework or test prep.  If you’re in difficult or quantitative classes, a tutor can be invaluable. 


Curry Health Center Services


 The Curry Health Center, located on Eddy Street next to the Gallagher Business School, has much more to offer than most students expect. While the healthcare (medical, dental, and pharmaceutical) is not free, it is very affordable to students. 


The Student Advocacy Resource Center located in Curry provides services to help students who have experienced sexual or violent assault, bullying, intimidation, or discrimination.  Their services are confidential and free.


The Curry Health Center Wellness Office helps students with behavioral development. This includes safe partying, healthy sexuality, safe sex, stress management, exercise and healthy eating.



Career Services

Are you a junior or senior thinking ahead, or a UM grad needing career advice or services?  This is one resource not to be overlooked to get that internship or dream job.  Career Services, located in Lommasson 154, provides career and life planning services to students and alumni.  Their services include personality testing, interview prep, practice interviews, and resume building.  Don’t hesitate to come in as a freshman or sophomore because you can never prepare too early.




Student Affairs IT



“My computer crashed,” is a student’s worst nightmare! Losing all your work is a hassle, but if your computer is giving you problems, the IT help people can save the day.  Bring your computer in and the friendly crew will try to help!  They also offer support for student email (UMConnect) and wireless connectivity issues.  They are located in the University Center, next to Jus’ Chillin’.

They are open from 11-4pm during the 2014-2015 academic school year.  They also provide phone support from 8am-5pm

(406) 243-2625



Campus Rec Outdoor Program


Want to do cool stuff outdoors but don’t have the money to spend on purchasing expensive equipment?  The Outdoor Program located in the back of the Campus Rec building on the first floor, and it offers an amazing amount of rental equipment at a very affordable student rate.  They also sell discount tickets to Lookout Ski Area, offer bicycle and ski maintenance classes, and host a wide variety of outdoor trips throughout the year.


Here’s what you can rent:



Now get up, get out, and go on that adventure!





Undergraduate Advising Center


Located in Lommasson Center 269, the Undergraduate Advising Center is an amazing resource for all students. The professional staff and student Peer Advisors offer students advice and guidance to ensure a seamless transition between semesters and a well-balanced, appropriate class schedule. 




The Source


The information hub for UM is located in the University center on the ground floor. Any question you might have about campus can be answered by the Source’s knowledgeable staff. Here, you can use your Griz card to reserve student football tickets as well as purchase campus concert/event tickets. The Source is also where you can rent out a UC locker and check out laptops.




ASUM transportation provides a FREE bus service that takes students almost anywhere they need to go!  From these destinations, you can travel to and from campus:


Lewis & Clark

East Broadway

Missoula College

Downtown (Late Night)


The Downtown route is exceptional because it provides students with a free and safe means of transportation during and after down town festivities.


Here is a link to see the routes and times: http://life.umt.edu/asum/asum_agencies/Transportation/getting-around/bus/default.php


Stay tuned for more college tips and hacks!

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