Spencer is majoring in Management Information Systems and Accounting, and graduates Spring of 2015. 

He recently completed an internship in Silicon Valley with one of the largest professional services firms in the world, providing accounting and consulting services. 

He worked at several major Fortune 500 and startup companies in the software, internet, and manufacturing industries in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

You might have heard of this one! 




The Silicon Valley life was full of good food. Everywhere. His breakfast was usually “steel cut oatmeal, coconut, pistachios, and a raspberry-pineapple compote,” whatever that means. 


#Coffee #Yummy #EverythingHereHasHashtags 

And Hillary Clinton stopped by for the #AskHillary event...Pretty casual and not a big deal, right?

Although Zynga was not a client of his (creators of FarmVille), here he is in one of their hammocks...Making friends has perks.



To sum up Silicon Valley in one word...It was nerdy. And that’s pretty awesome.

At the end of the internship, we all celebrated our full-time offers with PwC at their intern milestone event, Launch, which took place in Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

And they treated us pretty badly. I mean, look at this 5 star hotel!

It’s a pretty good feeling knowing you have a job after you graduate. I thank the University of Montana School of Business Administration for giving me this awesome, life-changing opportunity.