"From June 19th to the 22nd, I attended the biannual convention for Phi Delta Theta, hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The President’s Leadership Conference was the only other national event I have attended that was hosted by Phi Delta Theta GHQ. I had no idea what to expect. When I first arrived in Vegas, I saw a few familiar faces. After a few handshakes of some brief conversation I had to head to the opening ceremony with the rest of my brothers. The sheer number of brothers in attendance blew me away. While every chapter was required to send one voting delegate, many sent more to experience and enjoy the week in addition to the vast amount of alumni who came from around the country. Throughout the three days, I met brothers from around the US and Canada. We discussed and compared our chapters’ styles and methods of recruitment, how we conduct social events, and much more. After the general sessions, many of the brothers went out on the strip and I had to pleasure of spending most of my time with brothers from Canada. Even though I had just met many of them, we all got a long and they were very generous in the way of making sure the undergraduates had a great time. Also, I was able to hear about all the great things the different chapters are doing. I am proud to say Montana Alpha took home 5 awards, including the Gold Star for Chapter excellence, which only a small number of chapters received.  Other awards received: Community Service Award, Risk Management Recognition, GHQ Award, and the Bigger Ritual Award.

One of the most impressive sites was seeing alumni with ladders, consisting of a rung for every convention attended, reaching down to their waists from the dozens of conventions they had attended. That showed, even though I may be an active member for 4 years it is a fraternity for life. Attending the convention will always be one of the best memories of my college experience. While I may be separated by distance from the brothers I met, I look forward to seeing them again at the 2016 convention in Savannah, Georgia."

-President Ian Davidson


P.S. Huge thanks and shout out to this year's Awards Chairman Brother Greg Seaman for putting together the awards application packet.