David Greenwood


"I am from Seattle Washington. I am 19 years young and will become a business major when I graduate in 2018. Something cool about me is I love to snowboard and have been riding for most of my life. 

Being apart of the Phikeia class it has changed me in the way that I am now apart of a community of brothers that I know would always be there for me. They are a group that never fails to have a great time and that is what I am all about."

David's Big Brother is Alex Hoover, making his Grand Big Founding Father Travis Miller.

Educators thought's: David is a very driven individual and he presents himself professionally in the way he carries himself.  David has a very loyal spirit and his loyalty is prevalent in his every day actions. He makes his family proud.  You are an inspiration to your brothers, David.  Never lose your loyalty and transmit it to your brothers.

Austin Landis (a.k.a. Teddy Bear) 

"I'm from Shoreline Washington majoring in exercise science at the university of Montana! A cool fact about myself it that I have an obsession with European soccer. One way Phi Delt has helped me is that it's a great place to study for midterms. I know I can count on other house members to help me with assignments!"

Austin Landis is the Recruitment Chairman for the Phikeia Class. His Big isJoseph Desch and his twin brother is Ben Angel, making his Grand Big Shaun Bummer, and his Great Grand Big Greg Seaman.

Educator's thoughts: It is obvious the second you meet Austin why his nickname is "Teddy Bear".  Austin has a gentle and understanding persona that radiates through a very strong individual.  He is always there for his brothers and has been positive in every interaction I have ever had with him. Austin, you have a nurturing spirit you are a rock for your brothers to lean on (figuratively and literally).  You are an asset to the brotherhood as a group, and to every member individually.


Peter Hanson 

“This fraternity has helped me to stay motivated and created the desire to be the person and man that I can be. Motivation in the way that I don't want to let my brothers down and they keep me accountable to get things done right.”

Peter is a Health enhancement major with a double major in secondary education. He played college soccer at SFCC before transferring to Montana and he is also the Phikeia Social Events Chairman. His Big Brother is Founding Father Dan Molgaard.

Educator's thoughts: Peter is a doer, he gets it done.  He is the first to volunteer, the first to stand up. Peter has found the sweet spot: balancing education, work, and life.  He excels in school, has a job, and is arguably the most involved member in his class.  Peter you must transmit the quality of balance to your brothers.  It may be the hardest quality for young men to develop in college. 

Jake Hirning 

 "I'm from Missoula, MT born and raised! I am going to the UM for Biology and eventually Physical Therapy. I love the out doors and sports all around so I practice the basics by bodybuilding I am working my way to being professional in 5 years. I am a bit crazy but most find it entertaining. 

Phi Delta Theta helped me learn to balance college life and professional life as well as a successful atmosphere that holds me accountable."

Jake's Big is Dennis Price, which also makes himHoloakea Husen's twin, and Founding Father Dan Molgaard, his Grand Big.

Educator's Thoughts: Jake is unstoppable.  He strives for improvement in body and mind seemingly every second of every day.  His focus on attaining optimal health and positive energy is contagious.  He is a leader of men.  He inspires the weak to become strong and the strong to become stronger.  Jake you have a heightened responsibility to your brothers.  They will naturally follow you.  Keep this in mind as your smallest decisions are scrutinized more than you realize and have a greater impact.  Be mindful and lead by example and this chapter will become stronger than ever.  (At this moment I am writing this, you are in the hospital in San Antonio recovering from your back surgery after the accident in Mexico. If anyone can overcome an injury of this magnitude it is you.  You will overcome this based on the simple fact that you are Jake Hirning and this is just another mountain you will clime.  I say that with full confidence.)    



Nick Chaussee

  Nick Chaussee   (Center) 

Nick Chaussee (Center) 

"My name is Nick Chaussee "Show-say" I am from Gig Harbor, Washington. That is about 45 min south of Seattle. I am planning on double majoring in MIS and marketing or finance. A cool fact about me, is I love working on anything with an engine. I am currently working on rebuilding the motor out of a Yamaha R6 with friends I met here in Montana. Phi Delta Theta has helped me in many ways so far in this semester. It has helped motivate me to become the best version of my self in school and life in general. I am thankful for finding these guys and grateful for their acceptance."

Nick is the Phikeia Class President and a great leader of the class. His big is Scott Trisler, making his grand big Spencer Sheehan, his great grand big Sean McQuillan, his great great grand big Asa Hohman, and his great great great grand big, Founding Father Dylan Klapmeier

Educator's Thoughts: Nick lights fires.  Whether it is under someones ass or in their spirit. He works hard, he studies hard because a very special brother lit a fire under his ass and awoke a flame inside him.  Nick is not one to stand by quietly, he speaks his mind and has little fear.  Nick you are a much needed voice in the chapter. Speak up and create action amongst the brothers, because when apathy strikes they will need you. 

Nick Puckett 

"I'm from Castle Rock, CO and I am a journalism major. I love to ski, backpack, play sports all that stuff. I have won 3 statewide first place awards for journalism as well as a few honorable mentions. Phi Delt has provided a nice place to go and study and get help for homework. It's a place where I know I can go to if I'm stressed about a midterm because of the support and relaxed attitude from the guys there. They understand the importance of academics and will do whatever they can to help you succeed in a class whether it be studying, doing homework or writing an essay. They're a great resource for success"

Nick Puckett's Big Brother is Wyatt Baxter, making his Grand Big Sean Fleenor.

Educator's Thoughts: Nick's ambision is amazing, his post collegiate achievements speak for themselves.  I see Nick study in the Library of the house and I envy his focus.  Had I been that focused as a freshman...well who knows what would have happened.  Nick: Make sure your brothers do not give in to short pleasures at the expense of long term goals.  Keep them focused.

Shane Banzet 

"I'm from Port Angeles, Washington but I graduated from Sentinel High School in Missoula. I'm a computer science major. Cool fact about me: I've ridden a dolphin. 


Phi Delta Theta has helped me by giving me inspiration to succeed, before I joined I had no motivation to achieve the most I could in school." 

Shane's Big Brother is Will Watson, making his Grand Big Founding Father Alex Alexander Ryan Klee.

Educator's Thoughts: When I met Shane he was so very timid and unsure of himself. I could see some self-confidence issues immediately.  As the semester progressed and as Shane began to become motivated and excited about life and college, he speaks louder, smiles more, and is beginning to have presence.  Shane: you are growing into an amazing individual. Don't forget that we never stop growing.  There is always a new goal to attain.  When you see Phikeia that come after you, remember your growth in the Phikeia process and help them grow like you did.

Connor De Angelis

"My name is Connor De Angelis. I'm from Davis California and I'm currently studying forestry at UM. A cool fact about me is that I've been mountain biking since I was six. 


The fraternity helped me out this semester when I broke my collar bone. Everybody there was really helpful and tried to get me to the ER as quickly and as comfortably as possible."

Connor's Big Brother is Andy Mikkola, making Founding Father David Kuhn his Grand Big.

Educator's Thoughts: Connor broke his collar bone the first week of the Phikeia program.  I witnessed the brothers of his class and the Chapter rush to his aid to help him in any way he needed.  Connor got the first taste of true-selfless brotherhood right from the get go.  I have noticed that Connor is one of the most selfless members of his class, he is always backing his brothers up or helping without being asked.  Connor: I value this trait almost above all.  Selfless loyalty to your brothers is so very important.  I implore you to transmit this to those who follow after. 

Holoakea Husen (a.k.a. Shark Bait)

   Holoakea Husen   . (The one with the huge drum.) 

Holoakea Husen. (The one with the huge drum.) 


"I'm from Corvallis Oregon majoring in business at theUniversity of Montana! Cool fact is that I have two metal rods and 23 pins in my back spanning from C3 to L1! One way Phi Delt has helped me is that Dennis Price (who's now my Big Brother) helps me with some homework and makes my economics class a lot easier!"


Holoakea better known as Shark Bait around the house is the Phikeia Class Treasurer. His Big Brother isDennis Price, making his pledge twin Jake Hirning and his Grand Big Founding Father Dan Molgaard. Shark Bait is also a 4th Generation Phi Delt legacy! Very cool.

Educator's Thoughts: Holoakea, a Hawaiian name got the nick name: "Shark Bait".  He is fun loving, smart, calm, and a well-spoken young man.  Shark Bait literally has never given me a reason to get on him or have I had to tell him to do something twice.  He, unlike most freshman is on top of his life.  He gets it done.  Shark Bait: Be an example to your brothers with organization and task management. This is such a hard skill to learn early and you have got it! 

Tristen Hollist

"My name is Tristen Hollist and I'm from Missoula, MT. Currently I'm a undeclared major, but I'm thinking about majoring in Theater with an emphasis in acting. One cool fact about me is that I have ran marathon. Phi Delta Theta has helped me this semester by providing a great place to study and get away from the campus." Tristen's Big is Josh Horton, Which makes his grand big Founding Father Connor Hovsepian.

Educator's Thoughts: Tristen is free spirited and has a lovely singing voice.  He was very unsure about the Fraternity when he first joined and now he has one of the best friendships with his Big Josh I have seen.  Tristen won't let the world tell him he is not good enough. When he is told he can't do something his response is: "Watch this."  Tristan: this kind of motivation is something that is lacking in our generation.  Look for workarounds because nothing is impossible...it's just a matter of effort.

Ben Angle 


"Hi! My name is Ben Angel and I am from Mercer Island Washington and I am a business major. A cool fact about me is that I like to travel. A way that the fraternity has helped me is that the house is a great place for me to study. The guys have majors of all kinds, and there's always someone around who can help you with your studies." 


Ben's Big Brother is Joseph Dech making his Twin Brother Austin Landis, his Grand Big Shaun Bummer, and his Great Grand Big Founding Father Greg Seaman.

Educator's Thoughts: Ben is just like I was freshman year, full of energy but lacking in focus.  What is cool about people like us is once we figure out how to channel our energy we are unstoppable.  Ben: you are full of potential and I implore you to continue having your positive energy because your brothers will feed off of it.  Find your focus. Trust me, you are going to be awesome. 

Bryn Vishevski


Bryn Vishnevski

"I'm from Edmonds, Washington which is about 20 minutes north of Seattle. I came to the University of Montana for their athletic training programs. It is a 3 years Exercise Science Bachelors degree followed by a 2 years Master's in Athletic Training. A cool fact about me is that I was a student assistant athletic trainer in high school for 2 years and I plan on to continue this through college. 

One way Phi Delt has helped me this semester is that they have given me a support group to help me; whether that be academically, socially, or emotionally."

Bryn is the Phikeia Community Service Chairman and his Big Brother is Ben Kuiper making his Grand Big Founding Father Ryan Watson, making his great Grand Big Austin Markus James.

Educator's Thoughts: Bryn being my First Grand Little has a special place in my heart.  He is smart, driven, and loves to learn.  Bryn like me loves the traditions of Phi Delt and is incredibly proud of his Phi Delt lineage.  This pride is what carries young Phi Delts to carry themselves differently than other students and incite a like respect and reverence with his brothers.  For this I know Bryn will carry on my legacy and build his own.  I am extremely proud of who he is and who he will become.  Bryn: Find ways to improve yourself in every aspect of your life and lead by example.  Have pride in who you are and your Fraternity and people will follow your example.

Kelzer Sanders


"I'm from Seattle Washington and came to the University of Montana to study media arts. I love the out doors and documenting the travels and people I meet. Phi Delta Theta has helped me meet many people that I wouldn’t have normally meet and eased me into the transition to collage. My Phikeia brothers have my back on every topic but will be the first ones to prove me wrong if I am. I am “Proud to be a Phikeia."


Kelzer is the Secretary for the Phikeia Class. His big isRob Hocker, making his grand big Jacob Foster and his Great Grand Big David Kuhn

Educator's Thoughts: Kelzer is socially excellent, well spoken, and is nothing short of having an over flow of potential.  Kelzer can sometimes be hard pressed to apply himself, however when he does the results are impeccable.  Kelzer: Apply yourself and you will excel.  Kelzer: The chapter needs social excellent members.  They are generally the face of the organization and have a drastic effect on moral.  Be excellent in everything you do, when you wake up to when you go to bed.  I believe in you, and nothing can stop you accept yourself.  Be unstoppable.

James Donald

James Donald

"I am from Missoula, Montana but was born in Tennessee coincidentally on Elvis's birthday at the same hospital he was born. I am proud to be a Phikeia and happy to say that Phi Delta Theta has helped me in many ways. Through loyalty and brotherhood bonding Phi Delta has taught me how a man should act and how you hold yourself accountable for your actions no matter what the circumstance."


James' Big Brother is Nate Barry, making his Grand Big Brother Founding Father Ian Davidson.

Educator's Thoughts: James has had a tough go in life however I have witnessed him embracing the struggle this semester. He is tough.  This trait is not so common as our generation is prone to give up quickly or accept defeat.  James is an exception to the norm and will be the positive outlier of his peers.  James: Keep working hard and embracing ambiguity and struggle.  Bring your work ethic to the chapter and better it.  If there is struggle, be the one moving forward in the midst. Never stop moving forward. Crush it.

Ben LaFond (a.k.a. Big Ben)

Ben LaFond

"I'm from Saratoga Springs, NY. I'm a Wildlife Biology major. I hope to get a job with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks or the National Parks system. Phi Delta Theta has definitely helped me to stay motivated and focus on school throughout this semester."


Ben's Big Brother is Ian Davidson, making his Grand Big Founding Father Galen Murray.

Educator's Thoughts: "Big Ben" rightfully nicknamed.  Ben is a silent warrior.  A man of few words and much action.  Ben is hard to get to know as he really is very quiet.  Once you do get to know him you can see he is a very hard working individual.  He will be there for you. He takes care of his brothers without question.  We noticed this trait before he was extended a bid to pledge, and it was that trait gave him a unanimous vote from the chapter. Ben: Do not be afraid to speak up.  It is generally the quiet ones who have the most profound advice or answers.

A word from their Educator:

 Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

I have been at Montana Alpha since its first colonization meeting in 2010. I watched the chapter colonize as a recognized student interest group by Phi Delta Theta GHQ shortly after.  A year went by and we Chartered in 2011 with over 40 founders.  In the last 4 and a half years I have become obsessed with the success and betterment of Phi Delt in Montana.  Now, I must graduate and leave the chapter in the hands of the men I leave behind.  The fear of letting go, of handing over the reigns, may possibly be my worst.  Or so I thought.   I am one of the last founders left now in 2014 along with my Co. Educator David Kuhn (best friend and one of the first founding fathers).  David and I have looked back and mused about the chapters struggles and triumphs.  We talked about what is to come and what might happen.  I can speak for my self and David when I say this class of Phikeia puts our fears at ease.  This class will be my 3rd and group of young men I will have the privilege of molding into men worthy of calling themselves Phi Delta Theta's.  Not all in the picture above made it through the rigorous process, the ones who have love the chapter, they have acquired a burning passion for Phi Delt's Three Cardinal Principles: Friendship, Sound Learning and Rectitude.  This class has accomplished more than any other Phikeia class since the Founding Father class.  They have organized a philanthropy events, volunteered in the community, built add ons to the chapter house, organized social events, and inspired the active brothers to get more involved.  The greatest accomplishment they have attained is true friendship in each other that will last a lifetime.  I only take partial credit for this as I was their guide and advisor. The initiative was theirs; they took it.  That's what's special about extraordinary people:  All they need is a direction, a little push and nothing can stop them.  I truly believe the Phikeia of 2014 once initiated will be unstoppable.  I see a fire and passion burning in each of them I feel in myself.  If I am to be remembered for one thing in Phi Delt, and one thing only; It would be that I transmitted the fraternity greater than it was transmitted to me.

Ryan Watson #1551